Fact or Fiction?

As well as I can recollect the story goes something like this: Some-time recently at Red Mountain, two local snowboarders loaded onto each side of the Motherlode chairlift, along with a stranger. The snowboarders proceeded to spark up a joint of Kootenay’s finest, passing it back and forth across the stranger sitting between them. Apparently the stranger declined to partake when offered, and eventually identified himself as an off-duty RCMP officer. The quick-thinking snowboarders responded by pushing (a presumably very surprised) Dudley-do-right off the chairlift, leaving him stranded, and continued on to the top, where they made their escape.

Although it seems rather far-fetched, I’ve been told roughly the same story on the chairlift on two occasions this week, so I’m wondering where such a rumor might have originated, or if there’s any connection to reality?



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2 responses to “Fact or Fiction?

  1. Francois

    Thats awesome!

  2. Nairne

    that’s absolutely true!

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