Cliff dropping and Fence Jumping


Pete Golden taking the icicle cliff variation left of Roxanne.

Only 5cm of new snow overnight, but the sun was shining, with no wind, and I hooked up with a crew of happy rippers to ski and share many of my favorite steep lines and drops.

We’ve all seen the huge chain link fence that Teck-Cominco erected right above the intersection of Kirkup Ave and the Highway to Red, designed to prevent skiing on that particular slope. I’m co-operating with Teck Cominco to try to re-open the area to the public as part of my summer trails job, but I’m not a big fan of the fence, so I was amused to see our resident Scandinavian free-skiers building a jump over it a little while back. They’ve posted a video of the whole episode on Youtube.


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5 responses to “Cliff dropping and Fence Jumping

  1. Hey Stu!
    I`ve found it….cool stories, and really awesome photos!
    I had fun skiing with you guys today,lots of good energy!!
    I`ll be visit your blog now!
    See you again soon…..

  2. Francois

    Haa Steph…we miss you!

  3. Steve

    Hi Stewart:

    You keep hanging in there with us on those trail closures now! 🙂 I saw the vid, too, and it was nicely done. There’s good reason for that fence, though.

    Last season, there was a LOT of hanging out going on on that slope (jump construction and use all over it). That is a broad rock fill slope over some old mined out veins (stopes) that came to surface.

    As we watch this slope in the winter on our monitoring trips, we can see a series of bare patches where warm air from the openings below pipes up through the rock and snow. These melted areas run parallel with the strike of the stopes. It’s another area that has fairly high risk of opening again. This is why the high fence and really serious signage were placed on that particular slope.

    That slope is likely going to be investigated with equipment this Spring
    to see what we can do there.

    We need to talk with you and the trail user community further about these issues now and I’ll be contacting KCTS within days to set up a meeting for February, to finally share with you more detail on all the work we’ve been doing on our land up there over the past two seasons, and our plans for this year.

    The goal remains the same – re-open what we can, continue monitoring and addressing hazards and consider funding alternative routes to offset areas we just can’t re-open. It’s about being responsible landowners and custodians of the historical mines. Right now, we need people to comply with the closures to show that they can respect the conditional access we grant to our lands in our agreement with KCTS. I know you’re on board – hope you don’t mind me using your blog space to reach out to a few folks.

    BTW – I enjoy your photos and writings! Gives me a great glimpse of what’s going on in our mountains during the mid-week, daylight hours!

    Steve Hilts
    Teck Cominco

  4. Steve,

    I appreciate the update, and welcome to the opportunity to share it with whoever reads this Blog. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  5. Adam Sepulveda

    I am trying to get ahold of anyone that knows Pete Golden. I am supposed to meet up with him on the 19th, when he returns from his Avy 1 trip, and then ski with him for a few days up at his hut. But in his rush to get out of town, he forgot to send me his address and phone #. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    Adam Sepulveda

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