Winter Carnival


It’s Winter Carnival time again in Rossland. Last night’s parade on Columbia Ave was notable for the public dissent at Red Resort’s expense. The golfing ladies (pictured above) were having fun ridiculing Red’s development priorities, while the Stupid Deep guys mocked the hyperbola of Red’s recent marketing slogan, with a reality check on the rarity of snorkel worthy days (not since January 2005?).  While these are clearly cheap shots at any easy target, such sentiments speak to a discontent that is approaching universal in the community.

I checked out the Bobsled race down Spokane St. this morning, where teams of four hurtled down an icy track on home-made sleds, at truly death-defying speeds, with only minimal (if any) control. With on-the-edge speed runs alternating with breath-taking carnage,  it was an incredible spectacle. It makes my skiing seem so sedate and controlled in comparison.

It’s dumping hard outside, my skis are freshly tuned, and if I can exercise some restraint at the wine tasting tonight, tomorrow should be a sweet powder day.

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