Old Glory


Andrew Gross – Old Glory Summit.

Yesterday being the first clear calm day (above the valley cloud) in weeks seemed like a perfect time for skiing Old Glory. A check of the snow-pack on the Unnecessary Ridge headwall was confidence inspiring, so we continued to the summit in the lifting clouds.


East Face of Old Glory. Descent Route (Nose Route) in Green.

Andrew, Campbell and I skied a conservative line down the Nose feature on the East face, finding velvety compacted powder on the rolling terrain between the rime encrusted trees.


Andrew Gross – Old Glory.

The snow in the North-east chutes off Hanna Peak had a light wind crust at the top, but there were still steep fun turns and plush landings to be had, and the ski-out to the highway was smooth and soft all the way. Great to be skiing in the Rossland Range again.

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