Viva La Nina


Today is the 20th day of operation for Red Mountain this season, and with another 15cm overnight it’s the 14th powder day so far. So much great skiing makes it hard to do anything but ski, eat, relax, sleep, and then repeat. There’s been no need to head into the back-country (apart from a couple of laps on Mt Roberts), so haven’t had to negotiate the challenging avalanche conditions that have been reeking such havoc in the region, though I did set off a substantial inbounds slide recently. I dropped (15′) off the Waterfall, landing in a ski cut, which released the whole slope (50′ x 200′)  to between 60 and 80 cm on the December 5th ice crust. It definitely got my heart racing.


Conditions for the upcoming Free-skiing competition couldn’t be better. Patrol have been bombing the cornices on Mt Roberts, and flying rigs into place. Have been trashing gear, buying new skis, and planning trips, but will have to wait on some snowless days before blogging in more detail.



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3 responses to “Viva La Nina

  1. Michelle Laurie

    c’mon…you can’t be that busy to write a paragraph when the day is done 🙂

  2. I agree with Michelle. I need to live vicariously through someone while I am “working”.

  3. Steve

    That’s me (snowboarder on his ass) and my buddy (green jacket) watching the helicopter. Wednesday was a wicked day up there. Lots of knee deep pow.

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