Silverlode Opening


With little fanfare and almost no warning, Red finally opened this morning, and I joined the  small crowd who showed up to ride the new Silverlode chair. The chairlift does what it supposed to, and 10cm of new snow made for smooth skiing, but there was no getting around the fact that this is an almost completely flat beginner’s area. I made 10 short turns on the first less-flat pitch, meandered across the middle fairways (they certainly make me feel that I’m on a golf course, and not a ski mountain), and then got in another 20 turns down Corky’s or the old Granite lift-line. Sort of fun, but 4 runs was enough. I’m now off to Retallack in search of powder, and might even hit what is sure to be an incredible opening day at Revelstoke on Saturday. Let’s hope Red gets dumped on and that they can soon open up the real terrain.


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  1. Michelle

    yah for Revi!

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