Roger’s Pass in November

Roger’s Pass is going off. There’s a couple of meters of snow in the alpine, and Andrew and I made the most of 3 days of perfect sunshine and bomber stability by skiing some mid-winter lines.


It was the first time I’ve stayed at Wheeler hut, and it’s a great spot to base from, a real mountain cabin, warm and comfortable with loads of character, close to the skiing yet only 20 minutes off the highway. You won’t catch me at the hotel again.


We only had time for a quick lap to Lookout Col on day 1, but on day 2 we climbed 5000′ to the ridge-line between Uto and Eagle peaks, where we’d spotted a nice looking line the day before. The skin track we set up a knife edged ridge kept us concentrating.


It was a day for big views in every direction. That’s Mt Sir Donald in the background. The skiing was absolutely perfect, but rather than me crapping on endlessly, check out this short video I posted to You-tube (it’s the first time I’ve attempted this, so let me know if it works):

With the stability and snow conditions so good, we figured the Grizzly chute would be in prime condition for day 3, so made an early start.


Ski lines don’t get much more classic, and I was pretty stoked to ski this one again.


Our legs were burning by the bottom, feeling tired but buzzing from such a great start to the season. With next to no snow on the mountains of the Southern Kootenays a return trip seems inevitable.


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2 responses to “Roger’s Pass in November

  1. STOKED!

    Doing my Avi2 up at the pass in 2 weeks… Stoked to see such bomber conditions so early in the year… keep rippin it up!

  2. judson wright

    Hey guys. I was pretty jealous of you guys going off to ski that line. I just wasnt getting the vibe from my group that ditching that day was good. Well anyway I skied 3400ft of pow of avalanche crest. it was good to say the least.

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