In Between Days


Now that I’ve got the Cure looping in my consciousness ……. The snow seems to be hanging around this time, enough to pack the bike away, but not enough to start skiing. So I’m keeping occupied running the trails with ski poles, preparing my gear for the season ahead, and watching the weather. I’m going to plod around up on Red with my rock skis this afternoon, but with 183cm in the alpine at Roger’s Pass, I’ll be road-tripping to some real skiing very soon.  I got to see Bill Heath’s new flick Nine Winters Old at the Film Festival last night. It was beautiful and engaging, and really conveyed a love of skiing that I can relate to, although in the end it was just another forgettable G rated fairy-tale. Some darkness and weirdness would have made it a whole lot more real and satisfying to me. I know Dave Heath is a much more complicated and interesting character than he’s portrayed in the film.

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