Continuing the Rabbit Hole


Still no snow, so today I figured some more recreational chainsawing on the Rabbit Hole would be a productive way to work out. This particular line has been a project of mine for 3 years now, and I’ve finally connected it all the way through. With so much standing dead in the forest I didn’t have to fell too many living trees to create this narrow and challenging line. I made a particular effort to buck up and lay all the fallen wood close to the ground, so it should be skiable early in the season. I won’t give directions, but if you’re a regular on Granite you’ll find it eventually.


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4 responses to “Continuing the Rabbit Hole

  1. Michelle

    Nice to the blog up and running again. and even better is you are working on our ski lines! Yeahoo!!

  2. Gid

    Nice Stew. Thanks. Hoping to get first tracks on it this year…opening day or before!

  3. Francois

    Gid you keep off there.

  4. Michelle Laurie

    This is my new favourite run. Thankfully Stu and I had first tracks on opening day…hopefully it will snow again soon!! Woohoo!

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