Big Red Cats Exclusive Tenure Application


Big Red Cats have applied for exclusive tenure to their road network in the Northern Rossland Range. They’re trying to run a safe and professional cat-skiing operation, yet the snow road network and ski terrain they’ve developed is being used by recreational snowmobilers and sled-skiers. Such use is not only dangerous, but compromises the experience that the cat-skiing clientele are paying a lot of money for.  I’m not sure how the snowmobilers justify their actions, but self interest fuels some pretty creative rationalizations. Perhaps it’s just their unconscious way of expressing frustration at the increasing concentration of wealth and control in the hands of an entrepreneurial class. Ideally exclusive tenure would not be required nor granted, and a voluntary code of conduct would suffice, but I expect that Kieren will get his exclusivity, and that enforcing it will be next to impossible.  Ultimately it doesn’t really matter to me, as long as both groups keep out of the areas where we backcountry ski.


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  1. sledskier

    Your areas next buddy!

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