Leunig TV


Though I’ve managed this far in life without one, I now have a TV. It started with the wonderful cartoon by Michael Leuing, a comment on the absurdity of mediated experience, and evolved through an extended wine fueled creative conversation with my room-mate Michelle, into a garden installation. Stephanie joined our little conspiricy, provided the TV and assisted Michelle with the painting. I cut out a space to plant a zucchini in the back, affixed a vinyl sticker of the cartoon I’d had made, secured it to a cedar post, and planted it in the vegetable garden. We can now watch TV while watering, weeding, barbequeing, drinking beers on the deck, or swinging in the hammock. Most excellent.



Filed under Eclectica

3 responses to “Leunig TV

  1. Ben

    Yes, most excellent indeed 🙂

  2. shaun

    stylish backyard spoon

  3. Al

    I think it can be best appreciated with a mix of joy, desperation and nonchalance

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