Summer Grooming on the Shoulder


It would be great if Red Resort actually devoted the resources to complete all the necessary Summer Grooming, but the reality is that the condition of the mountain and the quality of the skiing is not a priority for owners and management. As millions are ploughed into condominiums and the new beginner chair, the forest is reclaiming the ski runs. So yet again we were up on Granite, clearing out existing lines on our own time. The dense stands of Christmas trees on the Shoulder were well over the height of the maximum snow depth, and really compromised the skiing last winter, but with Cam and I on the saws, we mowed everything down in a broad swathe along the ridgeline to the cliffs above Jakes. It’ll certainly be a strong contender for first run on powder days.

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One response to “Summer Grooming on the Shoulder

  1. Ben

    Great work Stu, might have to come and check out your handy work over Christmas!

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