New Chairlift Construction


Construction on the new chairlift at Red Mountain seems to be progressing well, hopefully well in time for the beginning of the ski season. The as yet un-named (though the Chair to Nowhere was gaining currency last winter) chairlift will replace the now partially disassembled  Silverlode triple chair, with what I’m told is a longer, slower and lower capacity fixed grip quad chair, that’ll drop me considerbly further from my destination (the Motherlode chair). The only upside I can see is that I’ll now be able to pass people (especially snowboarders) on the longer ski between lifts  on powder mornings. I can’t speak to whether it’ll actually provide for a better beginner ski experience, and I don’t know if I’ll live to see connectivity to a lift up Grey, but I’m certain that the owners are banking on opening up a whole lot more ski-in ski-out real-estate, to recoup their investment.


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3 responses to “New Chairlift Construction

  1. shaun

    good to see a new post – where are the mtb pix? Go to coastalwatch to see pix of the swell of the century that hit Sydney last Wed – epic

  2. Hey stew, the new chair brings people closer to your investment at Creekside, you gotta like that!!! (-:

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