Late Afternoon Skiing


These shots epitomize the ski-traverse experience to me. We’d spent most of the day, day 9, climbing 6,000 ft out of Bigmouth creek and over the top of a couple of high alpine passes close to the summit of Northeast Mountain. The descent of a broad gentle icefield on it’s north-west flank, with views across the Columbia Reach to Mt Robson, led to a short steep headwall, which we boot-packed up to a small pass cradled between two un-named peaks, revealing this concealed un-named valley below us. We’d been moving for close to 12 hours, were all tired, hungry and looking forward to making camp. But the snow was light and consistent, the late afternoon light preternaturally vivid, the setting so remote I was struck with the realization of how very few people might ever have set eyes upon this special place. My spirit soaring, there was nothing to do but drop in and ski out the last light of the day.


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  1. alyn

    Wow. Great pictures! This was part of the Northern Selkirk traverse? I am planning to ski this area in early summer from the Yellow crk valley. I’d love to hear and see more…!

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