Local Wandering


Despite the less than ideal (warm and wet) snow conditions I’m still keen to be out touring, trying to maintain my momentum for the big traverse. Yesterday I caught last chair on Granite, and toured into the Shambala cabin to meet up  and spend the night with Brigitte, Jordy, Sally (11) and Cody (14), out training the next generation of ski tourers. I was on a different program, so this morning I did a quick lap of Old Glory (the pic is from another trip in similar conditions), skiing the double-hourglass with 5cms of fresh goop on top of a firm base, in a white-out (a little challenging), then back over Mt Kirkup to the south face of Mt Grey for some very sticky turns back into the resort.

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  1. shaun

    hi stewart. I’m guessing that your non blogging suggests you are doing one of your major ski tours. hope you are safe

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