Mt Sir Sandford

An extended backcountry ski traverse is the culmination and highlight of my ski season. This year we (Andrew, Trevor, Dan and I) are planning to take 12 days to ski from Roger’s Pass to Mica Creek through the Northern Selkirks. Along the way we’re hoping to make a ski descent from the summit of Mt Sir Sandford, at 3520m the highest peak in the Selkirks. Trevor just sent me this pic of our proposed route on Sir Sandford. Truly awesome. With less than 3 weeks till our departure, making sure I’m ready (in all ways) is my main focus.


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3 responses to “Mt Sir Sandford

  1. Michelle

    perhaps you could add a line showing the route ….is it a rapel through the rockband or should it be fully skiable? not sure where you go midway as it looks a bit rough there in the middle…good luck!

  2. The ascent and descent route are pretty much the looker’s right snowfields through the hourglass in the middle right of the picture. Unfortunately, on the day of our intended ascent there was significant portions of the route exposed to the glacier ice so the “fall and die” potential was significant. Stewart and Andrew skied a steep glacier line of the Guardsman Glacier instead and Dan and I watched the pocket of snow beneath the hourglass on Sir Sandford rip out and fill the valley below with avalanche debris…

  3. Holy smokes. I made the 12th ascent of Sir Sanford with Brian Berry and Bill Nicolai more than 30 years ago. I can’t imagine skiing down from the summit!

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