Powder Pillows


I’ve been busy skiing pow at and around Red. Had a couple of sweet runs yesterday, down the Hourglass and Field of Dreams, both creamy and carvable. Didn’t bother taking any pics (poor light) so I’ve posted this sequence of a fat powder pillow line from my last trip at Roger’s Pass.


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3 responses to “Powder Pillows

  1. shaun

    thats just plain silly

  2. Tina

    Skied Blackcomb Sunday with much powder (Westcoast style) and surprisingly fast line-ups. Delicious, really.
    Thought you would appreciate the fact that over the “President’s week” including the two weekends before and aft, 200,000 people crossed the ticket scanners between the two mountains. Include in that fact that on average, people spend $100 a day. Fear the machine.

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