Roger’s Pass


I’m just back from a few days of ski-touring adventure at Roger’s Pass. Andrew and I scored 40cm of new snow, some strenuous trailbreaking with knee to thigh deep penetration, and epic powder skiing. The avalanche danger rated high at all elevations and 40 – 80 cm fractures ripping out all over the place (especially in the valleys and low elevation glades) kept us thinking, but we were still able to ski some classic lines on Grizzly Shoulder, Glacier Crest, and Uto Bowl.


Compared to what I’m accustomed to, Roger’s Pass is a popular, even crowded place to ski-tour, but there really is nowhere else that provides such convenient access to such incredible mountains.


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  1. shaun

    amazing photos, when you hadn’t blogged for a couple of days I thought you must be out touring. sweet

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