Rossland Range Tree-skiing


With high winds and mild tempertaures creating variations of wind-pack on higher elevation and open slopes, and minimal visibility,  lower elevation trees seemed an obvious choice for today. With the plentiful snow conditions we’re enjoying, the drainages of the Rossland Range are blessed with an endless selection of short, steep, tree lined chutes and reasonably spaced (by Kootenay standards) trees. I showed an old (that’s Sarah shredding in the pic) and a new friend visiting from Salt Lake a rarely skied line. The snow was dense, but smooth and consistent, perfect for bouncing tight turns. An easy loop up and back from the highway and smiles all around.


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  1. Michelle

    Alright I am jealous officially! Firstly the skiing looks amazing as usual and secondly, I can’t believe I missed skiing with Sarah by a week!!! Its totally green and brown in the Alps so thanks for your blog which is keeping me interested in the sport of snow sliding.

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