Red Free-skiing Comp


The free-skiing circus is back in town. The latest crop of young chargers spent the day pounding Lynx Line into submission, providing a bit of entertainment for the few of us riding the Motherlode chair. I saw a couple of tumbles and a wild kamikaze style straight-run, but otherwise it seems they’re saving their big moves for the competition tomorrow. I do find it vaugely amusing that what appears to be the coolest free-skiing fashion of the moment, variations on matching puffy neon and white, has young men replicating some of the worst ski fashion disasters of the 80’s. The return of stretch pants can’t be far off.

Meanwhile, I had moments of singing out loud in joy as I cruised the wind-buffed untracked snow on Powderfields in the sunshine, but I’m looking forward to a few days away, touring from a little known cabin with a friend. I’ll post when I’m back with pics.

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