Another Powder Day …. Ho hum.


In this season that keeps on giving, we had another 32cm of new snow to enjoy today. The holiday crowd made for a huge line-up, and avy control kept us waiting till 9.45 before loading on the Motherlode chair, but it was actually stupid deep (Red’s new marketting catch phrase) in places. I had plenty of great turns, but though certainly the deepest in-bounds day so far this season, I found it a little too deep and perhaps a tad on the heavy side, having to muscle my way through alot of situations. It would have been a great day for a pair of Pontoons or Sumos (super-fat skis). I’ll have to work on adding to my quiver. I’m off to Wildhorse for a couple of days of Cat-skiing. With dropping temperatures and clearing skies it’s sure to be pretty amazing.

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