Opening Day on Granite

It’s been two weeks since the last significant snowfall, and though we’ve had absolutley perfect conditions over that time (great ski-touring), it was only today we finally got to ride the lifts on Granite. Unfortunately the warm and sunny conditions over the past few days had radically consolidated the snowpack and most of the popular lines had been tracked by the ski-patrollers and ski-tourers, so the skiing was less than epic, actually pretty challenging for most people. I know it’s not official policy to wait until the snow turns to crap before opening the lifts, but that’s two years in a row it’s worked out that way. The off-piste runs where I made my 10 runs were a bit of a jungle, overgrown and littered with windfall and debris, which should keep the tourists away. On a positive note, the mountain was as uncrowded as ever, plenty of fresh lines to be had for the adventurous, and the new line my brother and I cut over the summer, to be known as the Rabbit Hole, skis better than I’d anticipated. Find it if you can.

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  1. shaun

    congrats, great blog, keep it happening. hello to all the bums @ red – hope your season rocks. looks like you are fairing alot better than your bretheren in europe, they’ve got nothing! good luck to nathan hedge and all the aussies in the pipe masters. go deep and be kind

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