Head Super Mojo Skis – Gear Review

Firstly, some background to place this initial review of the 183cm 2005/6 Head Super Mojos in context. I’m 183cm, 75kg, an athletic expert skier, 38 years old, and I ski at Red Mountain BC. My regular skis have been 190cm Volkl Explosives, and 190cm Salomon AK Rockets. I purchased 183cm Volkl Gotamas last season, but found them too soft and unstable at speed, so immediately sold them. I’d narrowed down what I wanted in a ski: 98-105 mm waist, med-stiff flex, traditional wood/metal/sidewall construction (for dampness and durability), not too much side-cut, and no twin-tip. Although I didn’t have an opportunity to demo them, the Super-Mojos best fit the bill, and I went with the 183cm because I was told that the 193cm was an un-turnable beast of a ski.

I’ve had a few days on them now, in early season mixed snow conditions, difficult fresh and cut-up snow. Despite the challenging skiing, I’m enjoying the skis and I expect I’ll appreciate them even more when the conditions get better and I regain peak skiing fitness.

They are stable, providing a welcome solid platform when arcing a turn through any terrain or snow. They float well in deep snow, not quite as well as skis with a larger softer shovel (like the Fischer Wateas) but with any significant speed you’re staying on top. On firmer snow they carve like a pair of Super G race skis, stiff and damp and certain. Being only 183cm, they’re pleasantly maneuverable through the bumps and trees, certainly not quick edge to edge, but not grabby or ponderous either. They reward traditional, technical dynamic technique, there’s no rolling your ankles and just letting the side-cut do the work. I’ve had moderate success smearing them through tight spots, but the snow has been funky so I’ll reserve judgement

The skis limitations are whenever things get slow, where the weight and stiffness start to feel like an encumbrance. Conversely, they excel at speed through heavy and variable snow, railing through the junk. I’ll post again when I get to try them the full range of snow conditions.





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