Set-up at the Ymir Yurts


Andrew Gross and I snowmobiled in with Trevor Holsworth (owner/operator of Wildhorse cat-skiing and Ymir yurts) to shovel out the yurts and get in a bit of powder skiing. We shared some quality turns off Wildhorse Peak but Trevor had to leave us due to a binding failure. After more powder turns, some heinous alder bashing, and hard trail breaking in knee deep snow, we skied into Yurtopia after dark, only to be confronted with bear carnage. Seems one or more of our big brown buddies had been partying it up in the Yurts all summer. We cleaned what we could, salvaged a little food and crashed out. Lacking supplies to last us through to our arranged pick-up, we resolved to tour out the next morning. Three long ski descents, a traverse of the Seaman peaks in a raging blizzard, and 11 hours of slogging through deep snow later (the last 3 hrs in the dark), we reached the truck, absolutely beat.



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